someone give this man children.

ohgod that little high-five in the third one

A little piece of my heart breaks every time I see him with kids.

he will make such a great father, i hope he gets to have kids when he’s ready. too bad no one is up for the task? ;)

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soooo August is over and here are my 4 top followers. Thank you guys, for sharing all the stuff I blog about. I hope it has reached a lot of other people who are not folllowing me. And a big thank you to all my other lovely followers. I try to find more cool stuff to share with you :) thank you all for beeing here with me <3

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Andrew Scott  insp. by

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Martin Freeman’s delight at Emmy haul - interview (x)

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Outstanding Lead/Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie.

I’m so proud of them both.  I’m also thrilled that Martin got two nominations for both Sherlock and Fargo.  So well deserved.

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This will always be one of my favourite looks of his. The curly ginger hair and the sideburns… it does things to me

GUH the chops and the curls and the ginger and his eyes and that mouth, jeez…

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